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The 1st Annual Christmas
Gift Drop-Off

Event Recap | December 21st 2021

On December 21st, 2021 we partnered with North Camden Little League to host our first annual Christmas Event Drop Off. This event was made possible by our recent rubber band bracelet sale, along with the efforts of our board to individually fundraise for this event. Each board member posted and shared a fundraising bingo board which included tiered incentives that were chosen by individual board members. If a member raised the amount of money that corresponded with a certain tiered incentive, they had to complete that specific incentive. These ranged from cracking eggs on heads, getting pied in the face, posting embarrassing photos, to cutting and dying hair!

This event raised over $2,000!

With the conclusion of all fundraising, we are proud to announce that we raised over $2,000 that went right into purchasing gifts for the 17 children we were able to sponsor this holiday season. Over the course of several weeks, we shopped for each child to ensure they would receive the gifts of their choice. On the night of the event, children received awards from their season with the North Camden Little League. Not only were they able to celebrate with their teammates, but they also received a visit from Santa! Children and families were able to leave with gifts that were tailored to their specific wishes! It was such a beautiful night for everyone involved.

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